Success Stories

Problem: Water leaked into a customer’s basement after several days of rain, saturating two rooms of carpet.
Solution: Carpet Tech was able to quickly extract the bulk of the excess water from the carpet and pad with a new special tool called The Water Claw. After a couple days of drying with a dehumidifier, they were back to normal.

Problem: Customer wants to put house up for sale, but it has pet odor & stains.
Solution: Carpet Tech’s special urine treatment – house sold within days.

Problem: Customer wants to put house up for sale, but carpet is worn out – should they replace it or just clean it and offer a carpet allowance?
Solution: Cleaning was much less expensive, the resulting appearance was adequate for showing, and the buyer was able to pick out the carpet of their choice.

Problem: Customer’s previous experience with Brand X company was less than wonderful – stains and soiling quickly came back.
Solution: Carpet Tech’s powerful rotary steam extraction process makes 10 times the cleaning and drying passes of manual tools. Carpets dry quicker and stay cleaner longer. Customer is glad that they can go longer between cleanings.

Problem: Customer was concerned about harsh chemicals – has a toddler who is on the carpet a lot.
Solution: Carpet Tech only uses non-toxic, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Problem: Customer bought a pre-owned house with smoke odor.
Solution: Steam cleaning the carpets then deodorizing took care of it.

Problem: Customer was concerned about drying time because they wanted to move in ASAP.
Solution: Our powerful extraction system pulls 95% of the moisture out of the carpet, minimizing drying time to just a few hours – they were able to move in the next day.

Problem: Customer is concerned their carpet is losing it’s stain resistancy.
Solution: After steam cleaning, we applied stain block – it will now stay cleaner longer and spills are repelled for easy cleanup.

Problem: Customer was having chimney cleaned and the serviceman’s vacuum burst, sending soot throughout the house.
Solution: We steam cleaned her carpets and upholstery while Deep Cleaning Co. wiped down her hard surfaces – the disaster was rectified in short order.

Problem: Customer has allergies and is looking for relief.
Solution: Frequent carpet cleanings (every 3-6 months) plus our special allergen treatment provided substantial relief.