Watch the Carpet Tech Process!

Click on an image to watch the video.

Cleaning solution temperature and pressure make a difference that you can see.
Prepare your carpets by picking up small items and vacuuming
Your friendly technician will arrive on time (or will call if running slightly behind)
Let’s take a tour – tell us about any concerns or special needs
Standard pretreating of problem areas and traffic lanes
Special urine pretreatment
Our rotary steam extractor machine is for highly soiled and large areas
Our wand for light to moderate soil, edges, stairs and smaller areas
Upholstery needs cleaning, too!
Enzyme deodorizers neutralize odor-causing bacteria for lemony freshness!
Stain block is a recommended option – your carpets will stay cleaner longer
Your carpets are now beautiful, soft, and Barefoot Clean – the Carpet Tech way – thanks, and enjoy!