Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Have your carpets professionally steam cleaned and treated with stain block at least once a year – they will look good and last for years.
  • For common spill clean up, blot with paper towels, apply spot remover, blot again, put 3 paper towels in a layer on the spill, weight down with a phone book, leave it for a day.
  • Install a hard plastic mat under office chairs.
  • Install runners in high traffic areas.
  • Install a pet door.
  • Do not use bleach on stains.
  • To remove candle wax, apply a paper towel and iron it. Keep the iron moving – it will melt the wax while the paper towel absorbs it.
  • To remove gum, use Goo Gone and agitate with a rag.
  • To remove pet stains, blot with paper towel. Apply plenty of a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and warm water. Blot. Apply 3 paper towels in a layer and weight down with a phone book. Leave it for a day. Retreat if necessary.